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Bhaskar Karanampally, CFCA scholar studen in India

Indian scholar helps others in neighborhood

August 19, 2010

Bhaskar Karanampally is on his way to becoming a successful engineer, an accomplishment that few children in his neighborhood slum outside Hyderabad dream about.

Thanks to his God-given talents and the encouragement and support of CFCA, Bhaskar is in his third year of engineering studies.

He persevered with his studies in the government school he attended, in spite of the substandard education provided there. In India, government schools provide impoverished children with access to education, but the schools lack basic infrastructure and skilled faculty.

Bhaskar Karanampally, CFCA scholar student in India
Bhaskar, a scholarship student in Hyderabad, India, helps the
neighborhood children with their homework.

Most students drop out, as did Bhaskar’s sister and brother. He was about to end his studies because his family could not afford to pay for his higher education. The income Bhaskar’s father earns from his neighborhood shop is just enough for the food and clothing needs of Bhaskar and his two siblings.

A CFCA social worker encouraged Bhaskar to stay in school, and he was admitted to the Swami Vivekanada Institute of Technology in Hyderabad.

“My dream is to complete my technology degree with good marks and work as a software engineer,” Bhaskar said. “It’s because of CFCA that I am able to dream of this new goal in life.”

Bhaskar is eager to repay the help he received from CFCA. In the evenings, he conducts a study hour for the neighborhood children and helps them with their homework. Mothers from the neighborhood have witnessed how Bhaskar’s involvement is boosting their children’s self-esteem.

“He hails from our own slum,” said Nagamani, a member of a CFCA mothers group. “He is not only able to help the children, but has such a positive influence on them.”

Bhaskar is proud to be a role model.

“I know for most of my companions, life was a missed opportunity, but I want to see these kids reach their higher goals,” he said. “What makes me happy is that so many children in my slum now receive formal education, and that I am able to support and guide them.”

Donate to the scholarship fund

Donate to the scholarship fund

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