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Indian mother cares for special-needs children

January 24, 2011

“A mother is a mother, irrespective of what kids are,” said Rekha, a mother who for the past 23 years has been caring for her two children with special needs. Her children are sponsored through CFCA.

Rekha with her two daughters
Rekha, left, plays with her two daughters, Ujwala and Keerthi. They are
both in their early 20s and have special needs.

Hyderabad project staff recently visited Rekha and her daughters, Ujwala and Keerthi. CFCA has journeyed with this family for the last 18 years.

“We see our kids as God’s gifts and love them very much,” said Mohandas, their father.

While Mohandas works hard to try to earn enough to support his family, Rekha has dedicated her life to the care of their daughters, who are both in their early 20s now. She spends almost all her time with her daughters, helping them with simple tasks like brushing teeth, combing hair and getting dressed.

“Though I feel pained to see no progress in my kids, I feel very satisfied as a mother,” Rekha said. “CFCA sponsorship has eased our financial burden by helping to pay for medicines and treatment. Many people come and go, but CFCA is like a constant companion that never stops energizing me in taking care of my two angels. We are very grateful to their sponsors, who are so kindhearted in providing constant support to these girls all these years.”

Help from mothers group

Rekha is part of a mothers group started by CFCA. The group plans to help Rekha open a shop with the support of group finances. They feel a steady livelihood for the family would provide long-term support to Rekha’s daughters. The group also plans to try to teach Ujwala and Keerthi how to handle small tasks in the shop.

Rekha feeds Ujwala and Keerthi
Rekha, center, helps Ujwala and Keerthi eat by feeding
them mouthfuls of food from her hands. "CFCA is
like a constant companion that never stops energizing
me in taking care of my two angels," she says.

“The tender loving care of their mother is helping the girls immensely to lead a healthy life. It is a blessing to have mothers like Rekha in our society,” said Vanitha, a Hyderabad project staff member.

Individuals with disabilities and their family members still face social barriers in certain communities. As CFCA focuses on the child’s overall development, the staff works with families to overcome the challenges posed by physical and mental disabilities.

“We need to empower the families in the communities to take care of the disabled in their homes and help them lead a normal life like any other individual,” said Prakash Chevva, CFCA project coordinator in Hydrabad.

The Hyderabad project serves more than 50 families with physical and mental disabilities. The project also helps about 120 children in three boarding schools for special needs.

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