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CFCA staffers show they believe in sponsorship

December 3, 2012

CFCA-Guatemala staffers
CFCA-Guatemala staffers pose with a photo of their sponsored
friend, Faith, from Kenya.

A truck rumbles in through the gates of the CFCA office in Guatemala, and staff members climb aboard to unload several large, heavy bags.

Inside each bag is piece after piece of cherished correspondence from sponsors and sponsored friends all over the world.

As CFCA-Guatemala staffers begin to sort through the hand-written envelopes, they keep a watchful eye, looking for a letter from their sponsored child, Faith.

Pierre Muñoz is one of 26 staff members in Guatemala who pitch in to sponsor Faith, an 8-year-old girl in Kenya.

"This relationship has extra meaning for us because we are not only sponsors, but we also work for CFCA," Muñoz said. "Our sponsorship [of Faith] is a way of expressing that we believe in the Hope for a Family program."

The group, which has sponsored Faith for two years, said it has great hopes for her life.

"We wanted to let our girl know she is capable of great things," Muñoz said.

Muñoz serves as the main contact for the group, receiving official correspondence and sending in the sponsorship contributions. But even though Muñoz handles the paperwork, the entire group believes in Faith.

"As staff members, we know that our small contribution goes a long way in these countries and it does make a difference in their lives," Muñoz said.

More than just a paycheck

For employees at CFCA's headquarters in Kansas City, their work is more than a job.

Many show their support for CFCA's work by making contributions for their own sponsored child or aging friend.

For employees in the United States, that sponsorship can mean a personal connection to their sponsored friend and to the organization's work in the field.

Jean at CFCA
Jean Morley, CFCA-Kansas staffer, holds a photo of her sponsored
friend, Roger, from Costa Rica.

Sponsor Services team member Claudia Stapley sponsors Fausto, an aging gentleman in Guatemala.

"Sponsorship enables me to be a part of the whole movement, not just the little part at my desk," Stapley said.

This is also true for Jean Morley. As a team leader in the child services department, her desk is piled with sponsorship folders, each highlighting a child or aging friend waiting for sponsorship. The photos and family profiles contained in the folders tell so many stories.

It only took one week of looking at those photos — one week of employment at CFCA — for Morley to decide to sponsor a child herself.

"I was so touched, I had to sponsor," Morley said. "I felt compelled because I believe in the mission and the way CFCA goes about sponsorship."

She now has two children she sponsors through CFCA: Julia from Kenya and Roger from Costa Rica.

"My sponsored children bring the joy of God's love to my heart," Morley said.

Making a difference

Judith Bautista serves as project coordinator in Bogota, Colombia. On her desk, amid the paperwork that accompanies a sponsorship program serving thousands, you'll find one manila folder that holds special meaning for Bautista. She opens it, revealing every letter she's received from her sponsored child, Jorge, in Honduras.

"I get excited every time I receive letters from him," Bautista said. "He colors his letters and he sends me beautiful drawings, too. I love to learn more about him."

Bautista began sponsoring Jorge two years ago, after a trip she took to Honduras to learn more about CFCA mothers groups.

"Being a sponsor means a lot to me, and it is so beautiful to know that I am changing the life of Jorge with my support," Bautista said.

For these staff members, and many others, CFCA is much more than a place of employment. Their professional work has become their personal mission, and their belief in the Hope for a Family program is exemplified through their own sacrifice and sponsorship.

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