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CFCA scholarship levels educational playing field

September 2, 2011

Lucy, CFCA scholar, and Rabuna, sponsored child
Lucy, left, helps Rabuna, 9, write a letter to her sponsor. Lucy is a
CFCA scholar and pursued her education in a culture that
promotes education of boys over girls.

In a society that promotes the education of boys, 21-year-old Lucy from Tanzania is determined to prove that education can also provide a bright future for a girl.

"In Tanzania, girls are expected to marry and move to their matrimonial home," said Regina Mburu. Mburu is the communications liaison for CFCA's Africa projects. She met Lucy last May.

Lucy hopes to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a teacher in 2012 when she obtains a teaching certificate from Kisanga Training College, a remarkable achievement for a girl raised in poverty by a widowed mother.

"Growing up, I had no hope of getting an education, as my mother had no means of paying my tuition fees," Lucy said.

Lucy's father passed away in 2001 after a prolonged illness. Lucy's mother supports Lucy and two other daughters by selling food.

Sheer determination and the positive influence of neighbors and friends fueled Lucy's desire to be educated.

Facts from Tanzania

Adult literacy rate: 73 percent

Per capita gross national income (2009): $500

Life expectancy at birth: 56 years

Percent of eligible population attending
secondary school (male): 7

Percent of eligible population attending
secondary school (female): 5

# CFCA scholarship students:
18, 10 male, 8 female

# sponsored through Hope for a Family:
1,315; 640 male, 675 female

Sources: UNICEF  and CFCA’s project
in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Lucy was sponsored until 2007, but had to leave the program after she finished secondary school because she could not afford to attend college.

The Hope for a Family sponsorship program supports children as long as they are in school.

After hearing about the CFCA Scholarship Program, Lucy applied through the Dar es Salaam project office. The project staff reviewed her situation and awarded her a CFCA scholarship.

Her scholarship helps pay for tuition fees, school supplies and bus fare to the college, which is almost four miles from her house.

When Lucy is not attending school or doing homework, she helps at home by cooking, washing dishes and doing other household chores. She also helps her mother sell food at the stall.

All CFCA scholarship students are required to perform community service, and Lucy is no exception. She helps younger sponsored members write letters, helps distribute sponsorship benefits such as food and clothing, and does filing at the CFCA office.

Lucy chose teaching as a career because she always had a passion for passing on knowledge to the community and the best way of doing this was to become a teacher. She wants to teach children at the primary level, ages 6 to 14.

"I look forward to teaching my community the importance of educating the girl child," Lucy said. "I would like to give back to the community what CFCA has helped me achieve."

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