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Youth group raises money by helping CFCA

November 12, 2010

A Kansas City-area youth group is raising funds for a trip to World Youth Day while also helping create hope for families in developing countries.

The fundraiser is part of a new youth service opportunity in which CFCA provides youth groups a way to raise money by helping CFCA find sponsors for children living in poverty.

The youth group of St. Therese Parish
Youth group members promote CFCA sponsorship during
a St. Therese Parish event.

Teens of St. Therese Parish are raising funds to travel to Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day. To accomplish this, they recently set up a booth promoting CFCA sponsorships during their parish holiday mart. At the booth, they showed folders of children waiting for sponsors.

“This fits perfectly with World Youth Day,” said Tim Volk, St. Therese’s director of youth ministry. “It is a great fundraiser service project, and it’s really cool to help kids get sponsored with CFCA.”

Part of the cost to participate in World Youth Day goes to helping youth in developing countries make the trip, too.

“You get to go to a foreign country, which is great,” Volk said, “but it’s more about the spiritual experience, and getting to celebrate with the Pope. You never know, maybe the children we are helping with CFCA might get to go one day.”

St. Therese’s youth members say they’re excited about meeting other youth throughout the world who are proud of their faith. Emma, a youth group member, is looking forward to the international Christian music, which is a popular component of the festivities, she said.

Emma enjoyed spending her Saturday raising money while also helping CFCA.

“I think any program helping people in need is great,” Emma said. “CFCA is a great Christian organization helping a great cause.”

For more information about CFCA’s youth fundraiser, contact Larry Livingston, director of church relations, at 913-384-7190.

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