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Typhoon aftermath claims life of CFCA staff member

October 12, 2009

CFCA projects provide assistance after Philippines typhoon
CFCA projects provide assistance to sponsored children
affected by recent typhoons.

QUEZON CITY, Philippines — A CFCA subproject coordinator who contracted swamp fever while helping victims of Typhoon Ketsana has died.

Ronaldo Alcordo, known by his nickname “Bong,” developed leptospirosis from contaminated floodwaters following home visits to sponsored members. He died after being rushed to the hospital Oct. 9. Alcordo, coordinator of subprojects BQ and BU, had been helping residents clean mud from their flooded homes.

Alcordo’s wife, Nenita, is a correspondence officer for the Quezon project. They have three children, a 6-year-old son, a 4-year-old girl and a 6-month-old girl.

“It’s really difficult for the family and for all of us here in the project to move forward after this tragedy,” Mavic Ihap, Quezon project coordinator, said. “It’s a week of mourning for the project intended for the passing away of our co-worker.”

Ihap said 2,000 families of subproject La Union remained displaced, including some whose homes were destroyed.  She thanked the Zamboanga project in the southern Philippines for donating to the relief efforts and the Manila project for their moral support.

Throughout the island of Luzon where major population centers of Manila, Quezon and Antipolo are located, sponsored members coped with the aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana and Typhoon Parma which struck only days earlier.

“Still thousands of families in the coastal communities of Laguna de Bay homes are submerged in flood waters,” Malou Navio, Antipolo project coordinator, said. “Among them are families of our sponsored children and aging.”

Navio said evacuated families had been living in school classrooms but moved to gymnasiums as school resumed Oct. 12. She said the contaminated floodwaters were spreading fever, skin, intestinal and respiratory illnesses. Volunteer medical students were helping treat victims.

In Manila, project coordinator Vernon Telar-Menguito said CFCA had provided food assistance to 2,268 families and was also providing cooking utensils, clothing, school supplies and uniforms to victims of the storms.

She said CFCA sponsored members also were helping each other.

“There is also some support shared by sponsored families from different subprojects which were not affected by the recent calamity,” Telar-Menguito said. “This includes a little amount of cash/financial support straight from their own pockets to buy blankets, mats, clothes and food items such as rice. It was truly amazing.”

Typhoon Ketsana hit the Philippines Sept. 26-27 with record rainfall that triggered mudslides and devastating floods of up to 20 feet deep. The death toll currently stands at 650. There have been no reports of deaths among CFCA sponsored children or elderly.

The CFCA community offered prayers for the victims of the typhoons.

CFCA-Kansas will provide financial assistance to the affected projects.

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