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Typhoon Megi batters areas of the Philippines

Updated: October 19, 2010

The CFCA Philippine project in Quezon expects damage to the rice harvest after Typhoon Megi struck the island nation Monday.

the Philippines

CNN reports that the storm, also known as Typhoon Juan, killed 11 people and cut off electricity to homes.

It moved off the Philippine coast Tuesday at sustained winds of 104 mph. Mudslides and landslides could still occur in the storm’s aftermath.

The storm is projected to reach Hong Kong and mainland China in a few days.

The CFCA staff is planning to travel to the affected areas on Wednesday to assess the damage.

Transportation has become difficult as the storm toppled power lines and disrupted communications systems to the Manila and Quezon areas.

"According to one staff member, one can hardly take more than a step at a time due to fallen trees, cut-off power supply, impassable roads and unavailable transportation," said Marivic Ihap, Quezon project coordinator.

The Philippine islands experience several typhoons each year, and CFCA communities there are still recovering from a devastating series of typhoons in 2009. Landslides and floodwaters from the typhoons destroyed thousands of homes.

CFCA serves more than 44,600 children, youth and aging members in the Philippines.

Many CFCA families in the Quezon project are farmers who depend on the rice mill for their livelihood. Please continue to uphold them in your prayers.