Strikes in Kenya affects schools, hospitals

September 18, 2012

Government employees in several key sectors have gone on strike in Kenya, affecting public schools, universities and hospitals.

CFCA news alert

The first set of strikes by primary public school teachers began the first week of September, when teachers called on the government to negotiate a salary increase.

Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison in Kenya, said 59 percent of sponsored children in the Nairobi project have been affected by the strike. Children whose teachers are on strike have been at home since Sept. 3, while students in private schools continue with their studies.

Teachers were negotiating for a salary increase and for other allowances promised to them in 1997, according to an article from Voice of America.com.

"We can only hope that the situation is resolved soon and the children can resume normal studies," Mburu said.

In the last few weeks, university lecturers and doctors have also gone on strike. Mburu said salary concerns were the main reason behind the strikes.

"The cost of living in Kenya has shot up in recent months, and the worker's pay has remained the same," Mburu said. "Food prices have doubled."

Please keep the people of Kenya in your prayers during this time.

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