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Sponsors in Guatemala join Walk2gether on Skype

May 12, 2011

Sponsors in Guatemala speak with Bob on Skype
Sponsors in Guatemala used a Skype chat Tuesday to see and hear
CFCA President Bob Hentzen in Chile.

CFCA President Bob Hentzen spoke live from Chile on Tuesday night to sponsors visiting Guatemala on a mission awareness trip.

On a break from Walk2gether, his nearly 8,000-mile solidarity walk through 12 Latin American countries, Hentzen used Skype to thank the sponsors for visiting their sponsored friends and the CFCA program.

Skype is an application that provides users with free chat, voice and video services through the Internet.

"I ask for your prayers to help us complete the final 621 miles of our journey," Hentzen said. "I invite all sponsors to walk in solidarity with our families through your prayers and your participation in the sponsorship program."

Hentzen and the walkers will cross the finish line in Valparaíso on June 6.

Sponsor Barbara Thompson gave Hentzen some words of encouragement for the last stretch.

"I'm 71 and I cannot walk 8 miles and I don't know how a man that age does it," Thompson said. Hentzen turned 75 in March. "I guess he makes it with the help of God, and I think he gets support from all the people he comes in contact with on the walk.”

A sponsor since 2005, Thompson prays that all children awaiting sponsorship will find a sponsor.

"There are six in my (sponsored child's) family," she said. "I sponsor two, but I always wonder about the other four, so I wish that every kid could find a sponsor."

Thompson wishes people could see some of the things she's seen visiting CFCA projects.

"I am sure that would encourage others to sponsor," she said.