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Sponsored members unharmed by Philippine flooding

January 6, 2010

LEGAZPI, Philippines — None of the families that CFCA serves in the Albay province of the Philippines have been evacuated so far because of area flooding, according to staff reports.

CFCA disaster preparedness in the Philippines
In this CFCA 2009 archive photo, mothers and fathers from the Legazpi
project learn about disaster preparedness.

Heavy rains caused flooding in some parts of the province on Dec. 30, 2010, and the provincial government has declared a state of calamity.

The region is forecast to receive more heavy rains until Jan. 12. The CFCA Legazpi project is preparing for possible evacuations in case sponsored members and their families in flood-prone areas will be affected.

"We've instructed people to prepare to evacuate, and the government has prepared for this," said Gari Olivario, Legazpi project coordinator. "There is already a standby truck or army vehicle per area to relocate families if it is needed."

The Legazpi project received an award in July 2009 for its risk management concerning natural disasters. The award was from the government's Regional Disaster Coordinating Council for exemplary performance in the field of humanitarian service.

The staff members evacuate coastal communities an average of five times a year.