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Sponsored friends safe from floods in India

June 25, 2013

NEW DELHI, India — CFCA sponsored children and aging friends are safe from floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains in northern India last week.

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CFCA serves more than 9,000 sponsored friends and their families through the Bhagalpur, Bhagalpur-Dumka and Delhi projects in northern India.

"So far no casualties have been reported from any sponsored family in the project due to the early monsoon," said Vincent Murmu, coordinator of the Bhagalpur-Dumka project. "We are grateful to God that our people are safe."

P. Selvaraj, coordinator of CFCA's Bhagalpur project, said flooding has not affected areas served by the project.

"By the grace of God the sponsored families in Bhagalpur project are very safe," he said.

Flash floods and landslides swept through India's Himalayan region, stranding thousands and causing widespread destruction. The death toll in the state of Uttarakhand, the area hardest hit, was estimated to be at least 1,000, though authorities feared it could end up being much higher.

While flooding caused by the early arrival of monsoon rains has impacted other areas of northern India, including New Delhi, the disaster area in Uttarakhand is relatively far from CFCA projects.

"So far the rescue operations are going on in the area to evacuate the people stuck there, and none of the CFCA sponsored families have been affected by this sudden natural calamity," said Vinod Kumar Dass, coordinator of CFCA's Delhi project. "The subproject closer to the affected area in Kedarnath is CSA in Agra, which is approximately 400 kilometers (about 250 miles) from this disaster-prone area."

The Kedarnath Temple, located near the Mandakini River in the town of Kedarnath, is among the holiest Hindu temples and a popular destination for pilgrims. The temple complex and surrounding areas suffered extensive damage in the floods.

The CFCA community remembers in thought and prayer all those affected by the recent floods and landslides.

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