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Sponsored friends OK after Ecuador volcano erupts

April 7, 2014

GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador – Children and elderly friends sponsored through Unbound in Ecuador remain safe after a volcano erupted April 4 south of the capital, Quito, creating a spectacular ash plume 6 miles high.


The Tungurahua volcano spewed ash in an eruption that lasted about five minutes, according to news reports.

The volcano is about 80 miles south of Quito and 40 miles west of Riobamba, where Unbound serves sponsored friends and their families. Unbound's main project location in Ecuador is in Guayaquil, about 250 miles southwest of Quito.

"This volcano has been in an active process for more than 14 years, and sometimes becomes a bit more active, like right now, and then goes back to rest," said Richard Carchi Redrován, project coordinator in Guayaquil. "The regular activities of the cities and people in the area do not get affected much, as they are used to these ash eruptions."

Unbound updates our website when natural events such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons and floods impact communities where we work.

Communications liaisons and project coordinators in Unbound regions around the world provide updates on the status of our sponsored children and elderly friends in affected areas, which we report on our website as soon as the information becomes available.

Sponsors are notified personally, by phone and letter, in the event of a sponsored friend's death or serious injury.

Unbound helps sponsored friends and their families affected by natural disasters through our Disaster Assistance Fund. Donations help with emergency aid and long-term recovery after a disaster.

Henry Flores, who covers the Central and South American regions for Unbound, contributed information for this story.

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