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Sorority reaches out to a new friend through CFCA

February 21, 2011

Members of a collegiate sorority in Kansas City, Mo., visited CFCA headquarters Friday to find a child to sponsor on behalf of their organization.

Zeta Tau Alpha sponsors through CFCA
From left, Rockhurst University students Ellen Malecek, Bridget O'Toole,
Amanda Burian and Kate Reiter visit CFCA headquarters to sponsor a
child on behalf of their chapter of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority.

After learning about CFCA as part of a class project, senior Amanda Burian brought the idea of sponsorship to her sorority sisters at the Rockhurst University chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha.

“I knew that they would want to help and would be really excited about it,” Burian said. “We are always looking for ways to help others, and we felt this was a great philanthropy idea.”

After a unanimous vote by the sorority to sponsor a child, Amanda and several members of the sorority decided to visit the CFCA headquarters to learn more about the organization and choose someone to sponsor.

The group toured the CFCA offices, read family profiles and viewed photos of children waiting for sponsorship.

“There are so many cute kids!” Burian said while looking through the folders. “I don’t know how we are ever going to be able to pick one.”

Sorority sponsors at CFCA
From left, Malecek, Reiter and Burian look through
profiles of children waiting for sponsorship.

The group had decided beforehand they were going to choose a girl to sponsor. After learning more about the countries where CFCA works, they decided they wanted the girl to be from Guatemala.

Then the women read through the family records of their top choices before finally making their decision. Their new friend is a 4-year-old girl, named Estela, from CFCA’s Hermano Pedro project.

“We wanted a young girl we would be able to sponsor for a while,” Burian said. “She had a big family and was ambitious and (her family profile) said she likes to talk a lot, so we felt like she was perfect for us.”

Burian said members of the sorority plan to take turns writing letters to Estela on behalf of the group to offer her encouragement and support. She said they will introduce Estela to new members joining the sorority to provide consistent support and continue the friendship with Estela.

Burian said they also hope to visit Guatemala one day to meet their friend and participate in a community service project.

CFCA would like to thank the members of Zeta Tau Alpha from Rockhurst for sponsoring a child through the Hope for a Family sponsorship program and joining CFCA’s worldwide community of compassion.

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