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Radio media tour raises awareness of Walk2gether

February 18, 2011

CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen recently completed 19 scheduled interviews with U.S. radio stations during a brief stop in Kansas City.

During the interviews, Hentzen discussed Walk2gether, the 8,000-mile walk through Latin America to shed light on families living in poverty and the benefits of child sponsorship.


"I have already seen 138,350 families," he told radio host Rick Shepard on WNTJ-AM, NTJ Morning Magazine in Johnstown, Pa.

Many of the radio hosts expressed wonder at Hentzen's physical condition, walking 8,000 miles at age 74.

"I haven't been sick a day, nor have I had any blisters," Hentzen said to Shepard. "This is all a blessing, but you learn how to take care of yourself. … That's why we get up early so as not to have to rush."

Hentzen starts his walking days at 2:30 a.m.

The radio media tour included national stations such as Voice of America and USA Radio Network, as well as local and regional stations such as Seattle, Denver and New York.

Hentzen flew from Bolivia last week to Kansas City to attend the quarterly CFCA board meeting. Walk2gether will resume next week.

Listen to the interview on WNTJ-AM, NTJ Morning Magazine in Johnstown, Pa.

Listen to the interview on the WDCM-FM morning radio show with Rob Whalen in Ohio.

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