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Political crisis affects CFCA projects in Honduras

September 30, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA — The political crisis in Honduras has delayed and hampered distribution of CFCA benefits but not interrupted them, according to Manuel Pineda, coordinator of the Santa Barbara project.

“We have been suffering variable periods of curfews, which limit the work we do,” Pineda said. “In spite of this, we have not stopped coming to work. The benefits and services for our sponsored members and families are being affected.

“We have had problems mobilizing our teams and benefits to the communities. This has caused a delay in the normal process of benefits distribution, letter writing, etc. We have had some problems finding some products or their delivery has been delayed by our providers.”

President Manuel Zelaya was ousted from office in June, but he secretly returned to the country a week ago and took refuge in the Brazilian embassy. Acting President Robert Micheletti ordered Zelaya’s arrest and gave Brazil 10 days to decide Zelaya’s fate or face the closing of its embassy.

Pineda said a decline in commerce has affected families of sponsored children, and some parents have been fired from their jobs.

“We are focusing very much in offering food products to them because they have little or no access to it because they lost their jobs, or the areas where they live have no products available to be purchased,” Pineda said.

The education of sponsored children also has been impacted. Many of the political demonstrations are led by teachers, and classes have been reduced in some weeks to two days or none. Pineda said it’s possible that the school year might end early.

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