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Philippines recovers from Typhoon Saola

August 1, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Heavy rains and strong winds from Typhoon Saola have flooded the homes of at least 25 sponsored friends and their families in the Philippines.

So far there have been no reports of serious injuries or deaths among the CFCA community.

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Typhoon Saola, locally known as Gener, struck the Philippines last week and battered large parts of the country, according to news reports.

Among the areas affected were the Philippine capital of Manila and the city of Antipolo in the Rizal province.

Malou Navio, CFCA's project coordinator in Antipolo, reported that fathers of sponsored children had helped evacuate 109 families to a local shelter.

These fathers are members of the ERPAT organization, which stands for "Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities."

One of the programs these fathers have created is the Disaster Risk and Management program, in which the fathers work alongside international relief workers and government officials to provide disaster assistance.

CFCA serves more than 40,000 children, youth and elderly in the Philippines. Please keep the people affected by the typhoon in your prayers.

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