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Mexican communities recover after hurricanes

September 29, 2010

MERIDA, Mexico – Project staff members are rushing to the aid of CFCA communities in Tabasco and Monterrey after hurricanes Karl and Alex.

Hurricane Karl's impact
After Hurricane Karl caused flooding in the Tabasco state of
Mexico, CFCA staff workers came in to assess the damage.

Gaspar Góngora, Merida project coordinator, traveled with other Merida staff members to give food supplies to sponsored members and their families in Nacajuca, in the Tabasco state.

“Little by little, the water is entering the homes [in the community of Tecoluta],” he said in a recent report. “The families stack blocks and put wood planks inside their homes so they can walk. They are still sleeping in their homes. They don’t want to leave, they tell us, because they have so little and if they leave, they will be robbed of everything.”

The water had already entered the houses in four other communities, Góngora said, and those families have built makeshift shelters in which to sleep. He said these sponsored members and their families will receive additional food support and medical assistance to prevent waterborne illnesses.

Meanwhile in Monterrey, the staff has requested disaster assistance funds from the CFCA office in Kansas City after 11 sponsored members and their families had their homes, furniture and other personal items damaged by Hurricane Alex.

Many families needed items such as refrigerators, stoves or roofing materials, the staff said.

In other cases, the houses were destroyed and the families needed assistance to help relocate. CFCA will help provide construction materials to those families as needed.

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