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Malaria a major concern after Kenya floods

May 9, 2013

Flooding in Kenya
One of the houses damaged in a CFCA community after the recent
flooding in western Kenya.

KISUMU, Kenya — Mosquito nets and medicines are among the critical needs of CFCA sponsored friends and their families impacted by flooding in the Kisumu area of western Kenya.

CFCA's Kisumu project is working with 210 families in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program to address these and other immediate needs following the recent floods that swept through the region.

"Malaria is a big concern right now," said Felipe Reyes, CFCA's project director for Kenya. "Mosquito nets and availability of medication for the sponsored children are priorities."

Thankfully, no fatalities or serious injuries have been reported among CFCA families, Reyes said. Malaria, which is transmitted by mosquitos, and waterborne illnesses are concerns as rains continue and standing water remains a problem.

Among the CFCA families impacted, 30 lost their homes and found shelter in nearby churches and schools. The families live near the Nyando River, which overflowed its banks when heavy rains drenched the region.

CFCA has provided an emergency grant to assist the families with reconstruction and repair of damaged houses, along with other immediate needs. In addition to mosquito nets and medicines, those needs include food supplies, beds, mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, warm clothing and waterproof boots for children.

CFCA uses donations to the Disaster Assistance Fund to help in this emergency and others.

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