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Kenya floods impact families in Kisumu region

April 16, 2013

KISUMU, Kenya — Floods in western Kenya have left thousands homeless, including more than 20 families served by CFCA in the Kisumu area.

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The families live near the Nyando River, which overflowed its banks after downpours drenched the region.

"Many people have been left homeless after their homes were swept away by the raging floods," said Regina Mburu, CFCA communications liaison for Africa. "More than 20 families [in the CFCA sponsorship program] have been displaced following heavy rains that swept their houses and cattle away."

The families are safe and are staying in local churches and schools. Relief organizations as well as the Kenyan government have stepped in to help flood victims with food and blankets as they try to find a lasting solution to the recurring problem of flooding in the area.

CFCA's Kisumu project is also assessing the situation to see how best it can assist the families affected. If you want to donate to help CFCA respond to this disaster, click here.

"Kenyans are praying that the rains will subside," Mburu said. "Let us continue to pray for the affected families and hope that the rain will be more of a blessing to our country than a curse."

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