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Honduran teachers' strike affects schoolchildren

March 29, 2011

A strike by public school teachers in Honduras, now entering its third week, has halted classes for CFCA sponsored children.

In Honduras

According to Xiomara Muñoz, a staff member from the CFCA office in Santa Barbara, Honduras, the strike was called to protest a number of issues: a delay in salaries for 6,000 teachers; the financial disarray of the "Instituto de Previsión del Magisterio," the institution that manages teacher pensions; and a law that proposes handing management of the public school system to local municipalities.

Muñoz said that more than 16,000 CFCA sponsored children have been affected by the strike. Parents who work are arranging child care with family or neighbors, or they leave the children home alone.

Muñoz said activities provided through the Hope for a Family program help reinforce and enhance the children’s education.

"Through letters to the sponsors, the sponsored friends learn composition, editing and values formation,” Muñoz said. “Through program activities, they learn to have patience, be tolerant, express themselves freely and learn to be part of a community."

CFCA in Honduras also supports sponsored friends with school supplies, uniforms, shoes, registration fees, and training in computers, English and other courses.

"As a Honduran citizen, I want the children of my country to receive a quality education," Muñoz said. "I would like our children to receive an active, participatory, integrated and wholesome education; for all of us to be responsible for making this happen. Otherwise, we will continue to be stuck in poverty and illiteracy."

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