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Flooding in Bolivia affects sponsored friends

February 24, 2012

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia — Heavy rains and flooding have displaced sponsored friends and their families and damaged belongings, CFCA's Cochabamba project reported.

Flooding in CFCA project in Cochabamba, Bolivia
This picture by Sister Elizabeth Copa Soto, a CFCA staff member in
Cochabamba, Bolivia, shows the extent of the recent heavy rains
and flooding.

The Cochabamba project staff provided food and supplies and is helping families procure temporary housing. The staff is trying to visit families to determine their needs, but travel to some communities is not possible.

"Flooding not only affected agricultural plantations but the houses of many families, as well as rabbits, chickens, dogs and cats dragged by the water's current," reported Sister Elizabeth Copa Soto, a CFCA-Cochabamba staff member. "In some of these communities, the water reached 1.5 meters (5 feet), which made the evacuation of people a difficult one."

At least 17 families served by CFCA in the community of Champarrancho, south of Cochabamba, have lost homes, personal property, livestock and even livelihoods. The main sources of income are forestry and cattle.

"During recent visits to the communities, we could hear testimonials such as, 'We have lost everything we were able to have after many years of hard work, including our food,'" Sister Copa Soto said.

CFCA serves more than 2,800 sponsored children, youth and aging friends through the Cochabamba project, and more than 11,000 sponsored members in Bolivia.

Bolivia has experienced unusually heavy rainfall in the past few weeks, displacing thousands of families. The government is sending tents, mattresses and food to victims, and arranging temporary shelters.

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