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Flooding, heavy rains hit Philippines

September 25, 2012

Zamboanga, PHILIPPINES — Zamboanga and other nearby cities have declared a state of calamity because of heavy rains and flooding caused by the effects of typhoon Lawin (international name: Jelawat).

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The typhoon is churning over the Philippines Sea and bringing heavy rainfall and flooding to the eastern Philippines.

Declaring a state of calamity allows the use of emergency funds to repair buildings destroyed by floods. It will also provide assistance to close to 9,000 flood victims, according to a local news source, the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

CFCA-Zamboanga staffers reported that many families have been affected and were evacuated to shelters in public school facilities.

Although no injuries or deaths have been reported among CFCA sponsored friends and family members, many have experienced substantial flooding in their homes.

The Zamboanga community is featured in CFCA's documentary film, "Rise and Dream," which was released earlier this year.

CFCA serves more than 40,000 children, youth and elderly in the Philippines, with more than 4,000 in the Zamboanga area. Please keep everyone affected by the flooding in your prayers.

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