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Costa Rica community honors CFCA

March 23, 2010

DESAMPARADOS, Costa Rica — Mayor Maurin Fallas of Desamparados, Costa Rica, recognized the work of CFCA in her community by presenting CFCA President Bob Hentzen, his wife, Cristina, and staff members from CFCA’s San Jose project with a statue representing the hard-working spirit of field laborers on March 17.

Mayor of Desamparados, Costa Rica honors Bob
Maurin Fallas (center), mayor of Desamparados, Costa Rica,
presented CFCA President Bob Hentzen and his wife, Cristina,
with a statue in appreciation of CFCA's work in her community.
Desamparados, located approximately 8 miles southeast of San Jose, Costa Rica, is a community where a high rate of crime is part of the everyday reality of its inhabitants. The community was a scheduled stop for Hentzen and others along the Walk2gether route. The personal outreach and dedication of the CFCA staff in the area inspired Fallas to bestow the recognition.

“I have had the opportunity to work with the staff of CFCA in the field, especially in the areas most in need, throughout all of the activities that they carry out,” Fallas said. “We have seen the many benefits that they have offered to our people, and witnessed the commitment of all the CFCA staff who go far beyond their own work. They are really living this mission. These are values that we want to recognize today.”

Fallas also acknowledged the constructive relationships established through the sponsorship program.

“This recognition is a sincere thank you for Bob, Cristina and Walk2gether for the great mission of love in favor of those who have so little in our society,” Fallas said.

Walk2gether is an 8,000-mile journey through 12 countries served by CFCA in Latin America to promote unity and build community. CFCA has been working in Costa Rica since 1982 and in Desamparados for more than 10 years. CFCA serves about 600 children, youth and aging friends in Desamparados and 6,800 in Costa Rica through its Hope for a Family sponsorship program.

For more information about Walk2gether, please visit walk2gether.org.

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