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CFCA staff presents Walk2gether scrapbook

June 3, 2011

PICHIDANGUI, Chile – Staff members from CFCA in Bogotá, Colombia, presented a scrapbook to CFCA President Bob Hentzen and his wife, Cristina, in honor of Walk2gether, the nearly 8,000-mile solidarity walk through 12 countries.

Walk2gether book from Bogotá
To celebrate Walk2gether, the CFCA community in Bogotá, Colombia,
presented a handmade scrapbook to CFCA President Bob Hentzen
as the walk nears its finish in Chile.

Sponsored members, their families and Bogotá staff members produced the book, which contains drawings, verses and testimonies representing significant events for Bogotá communities during the 18 months of the walk.

"We thought it was a beautiful way to involve everyone," said Judith Bautista, coordinator of the Bogotá project.

The walkers will end their 18-month sojourn on June 6 in Valparaíso. Several of the CFCA-Bogotá staff members were present at the beginning of the walk on Dec. 29, 2009, and participated when the walk passed through Colombia during April-August 2010.

Now a group of staff members from Bogotá has joined Hentzen for the walk's finale in Chile.

Bautista said the walk inspired the project to create small solidarity groups of CFCA mothers. The groups help develop the mothers' leadership skills and talents. Today, the Bogotá project has 160 mothers groups with 15 to 20 members each.

Hentzen said the book stirred memories of all the places represented in the drawings.

"They start from the beginning, from the road, in Guatemala," Hentzen said, pointing to pictures in the book. "This is our arrival in Colombia and if you go all the way to the back, here is our arrival on the coast of Chile."

Four Bogotá staff members, including Bautista, arrived in Chile on Monday to join the walk as it approaches the finish line. The team of walkers grows each day as sponsored members, their families, CFCA staffers and sponsors arrive to accompany the core team in its final steps.

The Bogotá project serves about 7,300 sponsored children, youth and aging members.

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