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CFCA reports say no lives lost in Chile quake

March 2, 2010

VALPARAISO, Chile — The recent earthquake that devastated Chile Feb. 27 resulted in no fatalities among sponsored children, youth and aging members, according to preliminary reports from CFCA's Valparaiso project.

The report is based on early investigations by project staff. A more definitive report will be available as soon as the staff completes a thorough assessment of families in the areas impacted by the quake, which will take several days.

A day center where aging members ate breakfast and lunch and took handicraft and art workshops is uninhabitable, said Valparaiso Project Coordinator Sara Leiva. The center was located in a house next to the Valparaiso office.

"The entire building has sunk because of the earthquake," Leiva said.  

As a result of the damage, nutritional benefits will be distributed from the lower level of the central office, but the workshops have been postponed until a new location is identified.

While this is typically a busy time of year for correspondence, sponsors with friends in Chile should keep in mind that letters both in and out of the country will be delayed. Incoming letters may arrive late or coated with earthquake dust, Leiva said. For now, the staff’s top priority is to assess and respond to the current needs of the families.

The powerful 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit Chile early Saturday morning. It collapsed buildings and highways and triggered a tsunami that flooded cities along Chile’s Pacific coastline. Since then, residents have experienced more than 90 aftershocks.

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