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CFCA reaches milestone in supporting families

April 9, 2012

"A small amount of money from a whole lot of people equals a whole lot of help and a whole lot of responsibility." ~Bob Hentzen, CFCA president and co-founder

From its founding in 1981 to April 2012, CFCA has sent more than $1 billion to its field projects to support programs helping children and the aging build a path out of poverty.

"This milestone is a direct result of our generous sponsors, each of whom is making a positive change in the life of a child or elderly person," said Martin Kraus, CFCA director of finance.

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The majority of this financial support comes from monthly contributions of $30 or less given by CFCA sponsors.

Throughout its history, CFCA has remained a grassroots organization. Its founders deeply appreciated sponsors' commitment and worked to build and maintain an organization with high accountability standards.

CFCA strives to assign the highest reasonable amount of available resources to the direct benefits of sponsored friends. More than 94 percent of expenses go toward program support, and charity watchdog groups give the organization high ratings.

"We appreciate that it is very important to donors that we remain good stewards of their contributions," Kraus said. "Over CFCA's next 30 years, we intend to continue to earn the trust of all people of goodwill who are interested in helping those living in poverty."

In addition to financial help, hundreds of thousands of relationships have formed between sponsors and their friends. More than 650,000 children, youth and the aging have participated in CFCA's sponsorship program over the years.

The highly personalized nature of CFCA sponsorship allows local project staffs to work with sponsored children's families and the sponsored elderly to tailor benefits to meet their specific needs and aspirations.

Over time and through a combination of sponsorship benefits, educational opportunities and livelihood initiatives, families begin to rely less on sponsorship benefits and more on their own abilities and income-generating activities to provide for their needs.

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