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CFCA projects not impacted by Mexico quake

April 5, 2010

No CFCA sponsored members were injured in the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the northwest Baja California region of Mexico on April 4.

Mexican government officials have reported that two people were killed and hundreds were injured. The quake struck at 5:40 p.m. Central time about 110 miles southeast of Tijuana, Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

CFCA does not serve any communities in this part of Mexico.

CFCA serves more than 16,000 children and aging members in Mexico through four project locations: Cuernavaca, Guadalupe, Santa Catarina and Merida. Guadalupe and Santa Catarina are located in northeastern Mexico, south of Texas. Cuernavaca is located in central Mexico near the capital, Mexico City, and Merida is located in the eastern Yucatán Peninsula.

We ask that you keep all those who were affected by the earthquake in your thoughts and prayers.

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