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CFCA offers assistance for storm-affected sponsors

November 1, 2012

Disaster update

The CFCA Sponsorship Assistance Fund is available to sponsors who have been affected by Superstorm Sandy.

The sponsorship assistance fund, created after Hurricane Katrina, offers help to sponsors in times of crisis. Donations to the fund help support benefits for children, youth and aging friends whose sponsors are unable to continue contributing because of financial or other reasons.

Father Mark Lane, a CFCA preacher, said it was humbling to consider the storm's impact on so many people and communities. Father Lane had been scheduled to speak at a parish in the Long Island area this weekend and mentioned the devastation that had taken place there.

"Every hour seems to bring new images and stories of the force of Sandy and her aftermath," Father Lane wrote in a recent email. "… It will be a long road to recovery. But recover I am sure we will."

To read more of Father Lane's email describing New York's recovery after the superstorm, please read our blog post.

Sponsors affected by Sandy who would like more information about assistance for their sponsorship can contact Sponsor Services at (800) 875-6564 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays or at mail@cfcausa.org.

CFCA Sponsorship Assistance Fund

CFCA Sponsorship Assistance Fund

The Unbound Sponsorship Assistance Fund helps us support children, youth and aging friends whose sponsors are unable to continue because of financial or other reasons. The fund also provides sponsors experiencing a job loss, health problem or other crisis with temporary assistance to continue their sponsorships. Learn more »

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