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CFCA gives 2010 Pilgrimage of Faith Award

June 18, 2010

Pilgrimage of Faith Award
Pictured, from left: CEO Paco Wertin; Director of
International Programs Paul Pearce; Pedro Ferradas;
Pedro's family members Chris, Drew and Brian; and
CFCA President Bob Hentzen.

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — “Hope” isn’t just a word at Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. It’s a beacon of light for the international nonprofit. CFCA believes that those living in poverty are capable of creating their own path toward a better future for their children.

CFCA’s hope for families is shared through its staff members around the world. Pedro Ferradas and the late Carolyn Ferradas were honored with the 2010 Pilgrimage of Faith Award for being dedicated messengers of that hope. Pedro accepted the award at CFCA’s annual dinner June 15 in Kansas City.

The husband-and-wife team began their careers at CFCA in 1995, working at the international headquarters in Kansas City, Kan., and then transitioning to travel full-time to CFCA projects in Latin America.

“The extensive reports that Pedro and Carolyn wrote kept us all up to date,” CEO Paco Wertin said. “Their visits to Kansas provided us with messages of hope, clearly communicated and with a gusto of life lived in the field.”

The Pilgrimage of Faith Award was established in 1996 following CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen’s Pilgrimage of Faith walk from Kansas City to Guatemala. The award honors those who show outstanding commitment to CFCA’s mission and demonstrate personal and professional integrity.

“As we thought about the 2010 Pilgrimage of Faith Award,” Wertin said, “we thought of Carolyn’s and Pedro’s ‘walk’ – a good, long distance with CFCA. They played a key role in the empowerment of the sponsored people, their families and our co-workers in the field.”

Carolyn passed away in December 2009. Pedro, who resides in Costa Rica, will retire in July.

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