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CFCA families evacuated in Philippine floods

September 23, 2013

MANILA, Philippines —More than 1,000 CFCA sponsored friends and their families took refuge in evacuation centers after floods caused by Typhoon Usagi swept through the Philippine capital of Manila and surrounding communities.

Philippine flooding
CFCA's Antipolo project got hot meals to sponsored children and their
families staying in four Manila-area evacuations centers after their homes
were flooded following heavy rains from Typhoon Usagi.

Many of the families impacted were also affected by flooding in August, Malou Navio, CFCA-Antipolo project coordinator, said in an email.

There were no reports of deaths, serious injuries or missing persons among CFCA sponsored children and elderly, Navio said.

"We thank God for keeping us all safe in this calamity," she said.

The ERPAT fathers group and CFCA staff members were checking on the well-being of families served by CFCA. The fathers are trained in disaster response, and have been volunteering in that capacity since 2004. (ERPAT stands for Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities.)

The Antipolo project served hot meals to children and elderly staying in four Manila-area evacuation centers.

While the staff encouraged families whose homes were flooded to move to evacuation centers, some opted to stay in their homes, Navio said.

"There are some families who preferred not to move away because they said they have not recovered yet from the fatigue they experienced moving to and from the evacuation place during Typhoon Maring last month," she said.

CFCA is awaiting reports from the Manila and Quezon projects, which also work in the area. We will update our website as more information becomes available.

According to news reports, many areas of Manila, along with nearby cities and provinces, were flooded making transportation and communication difficult. Schools and some government offices were closed.

On Saturday, Typhoon Usagi churned past the northern part of the main island of Luzon and the Batan Islands, which are more than 500 miles north of Manila.

The rains from the typhoon combined with seasonal monsoon rains to cause flooding in the Manila area.

The CFCA community is keeping all those affected by the floods in our thoughts and prayers.

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