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CFCA community safe after Haiti earthquake

January 13, 2010

FERRIER, Haiti — Sponsored members and staff served by CFCA in Haiti are safe after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the country Tuesday.

Spirits are devastated, but CFCA Project Coordinator Sister Patricia Downs reports no physical injuries or damages among the approximately 800 sponsored members and staff of CFCA’s Ferrier project.

Ferrier is located in the northeast corner of Haiti near Cap Haitien, more than 80 miles from the capital of Port-au-Prince. The epicenter of the quake was inland 10 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince. CNN and BBC reports describe scenes of chaos and pandemonium in the capital.

Subprojects in the Dominican Republic also reported no injuries or damages, said Santo Domingo Project Coordinator Nelson Figueroa. CFCA serves more than 5,000 children, youth and aging members in the country, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

Figueroa said the whole island felt the quake Tuesday evening and aftershocks throughout the night. Public services shut down after the quake, but were restored this morning in Santo Domingo and most of the Dominican Republic.

Figueroa reported that Dominican hospitals along the border with Haiti are open to quake victims.

CFCA Director of International Operations Dan Pearson, who visited Haiti in spring 2009, said Ferrier contains mostly one-story buildings, one unpaved road, no electricity and basic water service. Watch an interview with Pearson about his visit.

Please pray for the people of Haiti, especially those directly affected by the earthquake.

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