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CFCA communities clean up after storm Nock-Ten

August 4, 2011

CFCA pictures of damage from storm Nock-Ten
This picture came from CFCA staff in Legazpi after flooding
from tropical storm Nock-Ten.

The CFCA project in Legazpi is helping sponsored friends and their families in the Philippines rebuild after tropical storm Nock-Ten, locally named Juaning.

Gari Olavario, CFCA project coordinator in Legazpi, said staff members visited the sponsored members affected in the storm and distributed rice for those in need of food supplies.

Approximately 1,600 homes were partially or severely damaged.

Because of these and other needs, CFCA will provide additional support from its disaster assistance fund to the Legazpi project to help with housing assistance and other needs, including school supplies to replace those destroyed in the storm.

Olavario said the entire rainfall from the storm, which hit the evening of July 25 and lasted until noon July 26, was estimated to be equivalent to one month of continuous rainfall.

Damage from storm Nock-Ten in the Philippines
A house is covered with mud, logs and
debris from tropical storm Nock-Ten.

In addition, the wind velocity was estimated at more than 59 miles (95 kilometers) per hour.

Flash floods resulted, with some river banks rising as high as 6 feet. Water pipes were flooded, cutting off area supplies, and other residents had to vacate immediately as the flooding reached up to the roof.

"Houses were flooded and light housing materials were swept away," Olavario said. "Many people were thankful to survive such circumstances."

The project staff is also training community members about disaster preparation and environmental awareness.

Environmental degradation from practices such as illegal logging, overdevelopment in agricultural areas and widespread garbage in the rivers contributed to the storm's havoc, Olavario said.

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