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CFCA awards 2012 Pilgrimage of Faith Award

June 14, 2012

Two families from two countries received this year's CFCA Pilgrimage of Faith award.

The honorees were Allison Yancey and her family from Indiana, representing all CFCA sponsors; and Rey and his family from the Philippines, representing all sponsored friends in the CFCA program and their families.

CFCA Pilgrimage of Faith award
From left are Allison Yancey; Brennen, Allison's son; Paco Wertin,
CEO of CFCA; Addison, Allison's daughter; and Malou Navio,
project coordinator of CFCA's project in Antipolo, Philippines. This
photo was taken at CFCA's annual dinner where the 2012
Pilgrimage of Faith award was presented.

Allison accepted the award at CFCA's annual dinner June 13 in Kansas City. Her mother, Dianne Moll, and her children Brennen and Addison also attended the dinner. Allison's husband, Scott, could not attend but sent his best wishes.

"I am very humbled and honored to have our family be selected for this award," Allison said. "I stand amazed at how in faith, if I as a person, just say 'yes' to a new journey or idea — in this case my relationship with CFCA — God will bless and expand on this in ways that I don't even comprehend."

CFCA's annual dinner also highlighted a short video of Rey, 12, with his parents and little sister accepting the Pilgrimage of Faith award in the Philippines. The Yanceys have sponsored Rey since he was 8 years old.

The Pilgrimage of Faith Award was established in 1996 after CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen's solidarity walk from Kansas City to Guatemala.

The award honors individuals or groups showing outstanding commitment to CFCA's mission to walk with families living in poverty and build relationships of mutual respect, understanding and support.

One reason these families were selected for the award was their willingness to share their personal stories featured in an upcoming four-minute sponsorship video, "One Dream: The Story of Rey and Allison."

Allison and her family have sponsored with CFCA since 1997. Allison heard about CFCA through the family's local Catholic newspaper as she was looking for a charity to support.

In 2008, Allison's knowledge of CFCA deepened when her parents, who are also longtime CFCA sponsors, went on their first mission awareness trip to the Philippines to meet their sponsored children. Allison and her son, Brennen, joined her parents in 2011 when they returned to the Philippines on a CFCA mission awareness trip.

"That is where my eyes were truly opened to the work that CFCA does on behalf of the aged and children in poverty," Allison said.

"CFCA is working to help keep the family unit together in impoverished countries around the world, but what they (CFCA) may not realize is the work that they do, the opportunities that have been created for sponsors, have helped my family grow in their faith and continue along their journey."

Paco Wertin, the CEO of CFCA, said that sponsorship is a relationship of mutual respect and support. The goal is for sponsors to see themselves as part of a worldwide movement, with responsibilities for excellence in sharing their lives with the sponsored and receiving what the sponsored have to offer them, he said.

"One way to look at this is to see the sponsor's giving as making room for the receiving to happen, the emptying so that there is room for the relationship to grow," he said. "As St. Francis says, it is in giving that we receive."

Malou Navio, project coordinator of CFCA's project in Antipolo, Philippines, also spoke on Rey's behalf at the dinner.

"For 20 years I have worked with the poor, and the poor never get tired of praying and loving God," she said. "Let us not get tired of loving God."

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