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'8,000 miles for 8,000 kids' meets goal

January 17, 2012

Walk2gether launch
CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen (left) at the launch of
Walk2gether on Dec. 29, 2009.

Walk2gether, the recent 8,000-mile solidarity walk through Latin America led by CFCA President and Co-founder Bob Hentzen, inspired an effort to find sponsors for 8,000 children in need – a child for every mile walked.

The campaign officially met its goal on Monday, Jan. 16, with 8,127 children sponsored.

Hentzen said he was thrilled, motivated and deeply grateful for the news.

"In completing this walk and in reaching this new milestone, we can all appreciate that there are many, many people of good will out there who are ready and waiting to be invited into our CFCA family," he said.

The "8,000 miles for 8,000 kids" campaign was announced and promoted in CFCA print publications, on its website, on its Facebook page and Twitter account, and by volunteers.

Many of the families CFCA serves are battling extreme poverty, often earning less than $2 a day.

CFCA thanks all sponsors and supporters who committed their time and resources to spread the word about this initiative.

"For me, for Cristina and for each of you who walked with us in fact or in prayer, this continues to be an exciting and humbling journey into the lives of our sponsored friends, their families and our CFCA colleagues," Hentzen said.

The walk began Dec. 29, 2009, and finished June 6, 2011. During the walk, Hentzen visited approximately 182,000 families served by the CFCA Hope for a Family sponsorship program.

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