Unbound Birthday Fund

CFCA's Birthday Fund

Celebrating life, creating memories

At Unbound, we bring confidence to those who need it the most. And nothing inspires confidence like the feeling of being known and celebrated. Some of the children, teens and aging adults we work with have never experienced a birthday party in their honor. We get to change that.

Your donation to the Birthday Fund will:

  • Make birthday celebrations possible. Often these celebrations include family and friends, making them true community events.

  • Provide the perfect gift for every sponsored friend. Gifts are hand-picked by project staff, ensuring that they are age and culture appropriate. And gifts are purchased in the community, benefiting the local economy.

  • Inspire confidence as sponsored friends are told, “You are special. We believe in you.”

100 percent of your donation to the Birthday Fund is sent to our projects to make these celebrations possible.

Your gifts are distributed equally among all sponsored friends, ensuring that everyone is celebrated and honored and no one is left out.

See this fund in action

Watch the video to learn more about the Unbound Birthday Fund.

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