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Unbound: Family in Tanzania

Tanzania is in East Africa, and the economy depends heavily on agriculture. Its population of more than 43 million inhabitants is diverse, representing more than 200 ethnic groups and various religious faiths including Islam, Christianity and indigenous religions.

Swahili is the unifying language among different ethnic groups in the country who each have their own language. Tanzanian children typically learn their indigenous language first, then Swahili. Some also learn English, which can give added benefits when participating in the global economy and cultures.

Unbound sponsorship is enabling children to attend school and improve their nutrition so that they can grow up healthy and become leaders for their families and communities.

Sponsorship benefits provide members with educational assistance, nutritional support, school uniforms, health care and other home-related benefits. The mothers groups, Christmas and birthday celebrations bring families in the community together.

Educational assistance beyond school fees

Unbound sponsored youth Gladness and mother in Tanzania

To help the sponsored children of Tanzania and their families build a path out of poverty, Unbound sponsorship focuses on education as the most important benefit children receive.

While education covers school tuition and fees, it also provides much more.

Unbound sponsorship focuses on the holistic development of children. It provides consistent tuition assistance, along with items critical to a child's physical and emotional well-being.

School uniforms and supplies, shoes and nutritious food help children gain more confidence and learn to set goals for their future.

Building hope

In addition to education, sponsorship benefits help families improve their standard of living.

Unbound: Aurellia in Tanzania

Aurellia, a single mother of three, is the sole provider for her family. She struggles to support her family on the modest income she receives from her work as a vegetable vendor.

Before the family was introduced to Unbound, Aurellia and her children were living in a home composed of cracked iron sheeting. The cold night air would rage through the cracks in the walls, and the rain would pour down through the holes in the roof. This structure, on the verge of collapse, was not a safe home for Aurellia and her children.

After Unbound enrolled one of the children into the sponsorship program, Aurellia's burden eased tremendously. Unbound worked with Aurellia to help build a new home for her and her three children.

Aurellia saved money to purchase building stones, and Unbound provided many of the necessary materials to complete construction. Unbound worked with the family so they could have a safe place to call home.


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Unbound started working in Tanzania in 2004.

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