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Unbound awareness trip to Nicaragua

The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is a land of lakes and volcanoes, poets, artists and good baseball.

Wars and natural disasters have caused suffering and poverty and destroyed much of the infrastructure, but the strength and faith of Nicaragua's people keep alive the hope of a better tomorrow.

Through the Managua project, Unbound helps families create a path out of poverty. The program provides the most marginalized families with a support network. It encourages them to use their talents and resources to meet basic needs and build strong communities.

Sponsored children and elderly receive nutritional assistance, dental care, health care and education among other benefits.

Unbound brings mothers together

Unbound has established mothers groups throughout the community. In these support groups, mothers of sponsored children organize Unbound activities, participate during meetings and build their capacity for greater personal and economic growth.

Currently, 11 mothers groups meet in Managua, Nicaragua, and each group consists of around 20 members. The project staff plans to initiate additional mothers groups throughout the year.

Unbound Nicaraguan mothers group with sponsored children

"Working in small groups helps the mothers understand Unbound's mission," said Ana Martinez, project director for Nicaragua. "They are bringing to life the concept that Unbound sponsorship fosters relationships of mutual support."

When the Nicaraguan mothers group Mothers Overcoming Obstacles for a Better Future organized, they decided their first act would involve giving back to someone in their community.

The mothers group members made and sold tamales. They used the proceeds from their sale to provide a basket of food items for a young disabled boy and his family.

"The family was very happy to receive it,” said Alba, a 31-year-old mother of two children sponsored through Unbound. “They never expected something like this."

The mothers then decided to begin cooking and selling tamales to raise money for their group. They plan to open a small business to earn additional income for their families as well as continue to help others in need.

Sponsorship helps youth achieve their dreams

Nectania, CFCA staff worker in Nicaragua

Unbound sponsorship opens the doors of education for many children living in poverty. Access to education means they will be able to get higher paying jobs upon graduation and build a path out of poverty.

In addition to physical support, sponsorship offers encouragement for children facing incredible odds.

Sponsorship enabled Nectania as a young girl to attend school, and her sponsor provided the encouragement she needed to work toward a better future.

“My sponsor came to fill up the emptiness I had in my home, becoming to be kind of like my second father,” Nectania said. “The father I needed to give me advice and words, which I got from my sponsor Kevin throughout letters.”

Nectania completed her degree in economics, made possible in part by an Unbound scholarship, and is now a correspondence specialist in Unbound's Nicaragua office.

“Before I was an employee, I already felt part of this family. … It changed my life transcendentally and not just because I am an employee now, but because of all the experiences I have lived and how they have helped me to grow,” Nectania said.


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Unbound started working in Nicaragua in 1991.

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