Our work in Haiti

Preparing sponsored friends for the future

Unbound sponsored child, Elmoncia, in Haiti

Once known as the "Pearl of the Antilles," Haiti became the first republic in the Western Hemisphere when slaves overthrew French colonial rule in the 18th century.

Years of political conflict and environmental disasters, such as the devastating 2010 earthquake, have turned Haiti into the hemisphere's poorest nation.

The country lacks a basic infrastructure, leaving many areas without paved roads, electricity and running water.

Unbound sponsorship programs reach out to sponsored children, youths and aging members through a project based in Ferrier, located in the northeastern part of the country.

Sponsorship makes possible the education that students living in poverty could not otherwise afford. Without sponsorship, many students would not be able to complete their secondary education.

The Ferrier project's focus on education prepares the younger generation for a future with more opportunities. The program helps address basic needs of nutrition and education to promote health and literacy. Sponsored members also have access to medical assistance and celebrate Christmas and birthdays.

Measuring success in small steps

Many sponsored children in Haiti live in orphanages. Others live with their families and attend parochial schools.

Sponsorship means the children in Ferrier will have an education. The program pays school fees and provides uniforms and supplies for sponsored students.

Monthly meetings serve as a forum to educate parents about health care, housing, tutoring support and Unbound program requirements. Seeing their children educated and benefiting from special programs provides a spark of hope to families.

The hot lunch sponsored children receive on school days provides an important nutritional supplement for the students and support for the families. Nutrition and medical assistance improves the children's health and increases their learning capacity.

Providing comfort to the elderly

With no family to care for them, most elderly residents depend entirely on outside help such as that provided by Unbound.

Dezogiste, a sponsored man of 81 living in Derack, a small town outside Ferrier, suffers from poor health and vision. He is a resident of one of the Derack homes for the elderly, where he receives care and hot meals.

Derack was once home to a thriving sugar refinery. It now offers few, if any, opportunities for livelihood.

Project staff members visit the sponsored aging friends in homes for the elderly on a daily basis. The caring outreach of Unbound staff members shows the elderly that they are still loved and appreciated.


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