Our work in Ecuador

Fighting poverty’s effects in Ecuador

Cumanda and Unbound sponsored children in Ecuador

Through a project office in Ecuador's largest city, Guayaquil, Unbound's sponsorship program offers children and the aging life-enhancing benefits and services aimed at covering their most important needs.

Many families in the sponsorship program cope with unemployment, low income and low levels of education.

Parents often migrate from rural areas to large cities or even other countries to make a better living; this means they must often leave their children in the care of others.

Sponsorship offers a glimmer of hope to such families and can offer needed support so parents may not have to leave their children.

Sponsorship benefits are tailored to the family's specific needs such as nutrition, education and health and dental care. All sponsored friends and their families participate in the Unbound birthday and Christmas celebrations.

Sponsored children and teens receive educational support to prepare for a profession that can provide their families better futures. Educational assistance includes school supplies, shoes, uniforms, enrollment fees, transportation and tuition.

Unbound also offers parents of sponsored friends opportunities to learn techniques to build stronger families and communities through workshops, skill trainings and community groups.

Sponsorship provides sense of community to elderly in Mira

Unbound event in Mira, Ecuador

In Mira, a community in the mountains of northern Ecuador, Unbound serves more than 100 aging friends and ensures that each one feels a part of a community of compassion. The elderly living near the Unbound office visit the dining hall for a daily lunch and the opportunity to socialize.

Staff members offer other social gatherings for sponsored elderly living in more remote locations. They also conduct educational workshops on health, crafts and other topics.

Such opportunities enhance the lives of the elderly and allow them to maintain dignity through their golden years.

Throughout the year, sponsored elderly receive medical attention, including vision tests, regular medical and dental checkups, and medicine as needed. Other benefits include necessary food provisions, clothing, shoes, field trips and other supplies for their well-being.

Staff members conduct regular home visits to the elderly to better understand and monitor their living conditions and to determine how they can best help meet each person's needs.

Community groups offer families support and activities

Ecuador community gardens withUnbound

With Unbound staff members' support and encouragement, families can take part in Unbound community groups led by parents of sponsored children.

The groups regularly meet for discussions and to collaborate on income-generating initiatives.

During meetings, members are encouraged to share their successes and daily challenges with the group.

Through sharing, the group members develop a support network and a deeper understanding of the bond of community and friendship.


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Unbound started working in Ecuador in 1996.

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