Giving non-cash assets

Sponsor Kevin and sponsored child Tatiana in Colombia

Funding immediate needs

When you make a donation in support of Unbound, your funds are available for the more immediate needs of our Unbound community. Your donation will also qualify as a charitable gift deduction for federal tax purposes.

Gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds

Your personal investments in marketable securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, government securities and money market funds may be donated directly to Unbound. They will be valued at the average market price as of the transfer date. Marketable securities may also be included as a bequest to Unbound in your will or trust.

A charitable gift of marketable securities such as stock held by you for more than one year that has increased in value, may be donated with tax-favored benefits. You can deduct the fair market value of the securities as of the transfer date and pay no tax on the appreciated gain.

For a charitable gift of marketable securities, such as stock that has decreased in value, you may prefer to sell the stock and claim the loss for income tax purposes. Then you may give the cash proceeds to Unbound as a charitable deduction.

When donating marketable securities, it is important to notify Unbound in advance of your donation. This will allow us to document the intended use of your gift and alert our broker of the pending transfer. When the stock transfer is complete, we will acknowledge your donation and send you the gift valuation as of the transfer date. The how-to documents included below provide specific instructions for transferring stocks and mutual funds. For all other securities, please contact us.

Download PDF  How to transfer shares of stock to Unbound

Download PDF  How to transfer mutual fund shares to Unbound

Gifts of real estate and personal property

We appreciate the continued generosity of our sponsors and donors. We recognize that while many of us share a great concern for others and a desire to give, often our more valuable assets may not be liquid. This is certainly the case with regard to ownership of real estate such as your home, farms and ranches, and commercial property. These assets may also include personal items such as jewelry, automobiles, boats, art collections, etc.

While Unbound is open to all good-faith offers from our sponsors and donors, we generally do not accept in-kind donations of products unless those items can be put to immediate use.

However, we will evaluate all gift offers prior to acceptance based on need, liquidation value and other factors.

Please contact us with any questions about gifts of real estate and personal property. More information is available by contacting an Unbound Gift Planning representative.

Unbound is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation, federal EIN: 43-1243999. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law, unless otherwise noted.

This page provides general information about gift planning and is not intended to provide individual financial, legal, or tax information or advice. Unbound recommends that you speak with a tax adviser, financial adviser or attorney about how to make charitable giving part of your overall financial plan.

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