Unbound Christmas Fund

Help children, youth and the elderly celebrate the holidays in a special way.

Help families celebrate the holidays

Families living in poverty often find it difficult to afford the expense of celebrating holidays with gifts and parties. Watch a short video to see the Christmas fund in action.

Your donation:

  • Makes it possible for all sponsored children, youth and the elderly to celebrate the holidays in a special way.
  • Provides gifts or additional benefits to families in the sponsorship program.
  • Spreads peace and love in the Christmas tradition.

Celebrations typically include entire families and reflect local traditions and culture. Gifts may be chosen either by project staff or by the families themselves and are often purchased within the community, helping to strengthen the local economy.

All sponsored members know the celebrations and gifts are being provided by their sponsors.

100% of your donation to the Unbound Christmas Fund is sent to cover the costs of celebrations and gifts.

Contributions are distributed equally for the benefit of all sponsored members, allowing the projects to maintain fair and equitable treatment with regard to celebrations. Contributions cannot be designated for specific individuals or families.

Unbound is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, federal EIN: 43-1243999. Contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law unless otherwise noted.

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