Unbound Housing Fund

CFCA Housing Assistance Fund

Hope through housing

Houses take many shapes throughout the communities served by Unbound. They are made of cement block, mud, corrugated tin, or found materials like road signs or plastic sheeting. They are walls and doors and windows that keep families safe. Your donation to the Unbound Housing Fund helps keep these humble dwellings sound.

Your donation will:

  • Repair and improve homes damaged by natural disasters.
  • Buy land so families living in the path of floods or mudslides can move to new, safer ground.
  • Replace candles with electricity and dirt floors with cement, or add running water and plumbing.
  • Build new homes for families most in need of shelter.

Local staff in Unbound communities assess the needs of families through on-site visits and personal interviews to help those who are in the most dire need.

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