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Rise and Dream

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From the humblest roots come the greatest gifts.

With a suggested donation of $10 to the Unbound Scholarship Fund, you will receive a DVD of Unbound’s documentary film Rise and Dream.

Your donation will support the scholarship program, which helps deserving students, like those in the film, pursue higher education by funding basic needs such as tuition, books and transportation. This support allows youth to finish high school, attend college or technical training, and helps their families and communities create a path out of poverty.

Contributions more than the fair market value of $10 each for DVDs are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

About the film:

In the turmoil of the southern Philippines, a celebration on the edge of the jungle stands to defy the chaos. Rise and Dream brings you into the lives of 13 students whose spirits outshine the fierce challenge of their reality. When the students accept a challenge to learn their own traditional instruments, the struggle to balance between dreams and obligations tests their limits as they prepare for a performance on the biggest stage of their lives.

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