Costa Rica housing fund

Families in Costa Rica have opportunities for housing through CFCA's Costa Rica housing fund

Hope through housing in Costa Rica

Adequate housing is often just a dream for families living in poverty. Many of these hard-working families have no choice but to live in unsafe, undignified housing because it is all they can afford.

Unbound’s Costa Rica project has developed a program to build homes for some of the families in the sponsorship program identified as most in need of a permanent structure. The local project staffs assess the needs of families through on-site visits and personal interviews. When possible, family members participate in the construction of their house.

The goal is to build three to four homes each year. The cost for each home varies depending on the location — in a rural community or city — and whether or not land needs to be purchased.  Homes built have ranged from $6,000 to $14,000.

Contributions in any amount are appreciated.

Your donation will provide much needed assistance so the project can:

  • purchase building materials
  • pay for building permits
  • purchase land on which to build the home when necessary

Donations to the Unbound Costa Rica Housing Fund are sent to the project to build homes for families in the sponsorship program who have been identified by the project staff as most in need of assistance.

Please note: Funds cannot be designated for a specific family.

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