Awareness trips

El Salvador 2013 - Benedictine college students with sponosored child, Omar and friends

Meet your sponsored friend and see our work firsthand

Meet the person you’re helping and see the work we’re doing firsthand. Nothing brings the benefits of an Unbound sponsorship into sharper focus than an awareness trip. Read about one sponsor's experience.

A trip shows you firsthand the realities experienced by families around the world. It raises your awareness of their heroic efforts to build a path out of poverty. And it makes the connection you’ve built with the person you sponsor even stronger.

For more information and to register for an upcoming trip, click on any of the links below. For a list of all Unbound trips in 2014, print the full schedule.

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June 1-8, 2014    Registration Closed


May 24-31, 2014    Waiting List Only
June 15-21, 2014   

Costa Rica

July 12-19, 2014    Waiting List Only


October 18-25, 2014   

El Salvador

July 12-19, 2014    Almost Full
October 4-11, 2014   


April 26 - May 3, 2014    Registration Closed
July 12-19, 2014    Waiting List Only
August 2-9, 2014    Waiting List Only
October 4-11, 2014   
December 26, 2014 - January 2, 2015   


May 17-24, 2014    Waiting List Only
August 9-16, 2014    Waiting List Only


October 12-23, 2014   


September 13-24, 2014    Waiting List Only


November 8-15, 2014   


August 2-9, 2014    Almost Full


September 13-24, 2014    Waiting List Only

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