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Offering hope in the Philippine islands

Meldred, sponsored youth in the Philippines

The Philippines is home to Unbound's second largest outreach. The program serves more than 43,000 children, youth and aging members through five project locations: Antipolo, Legazpi, Manila, Quezon City and Zamboanga.

Families in the sponsorship program face challenges such as natural disasters and high unemployment. Flooding, landslides and tsunamis triggered by typhoons are common, as are earthquakes and active volcanoes.

The families support one another and foster an environment of learning to increase sustainable livelihood skills. Fathers of sponsored children have received awards for helping their communities deal with natural disasters and have developed legislation on disaster management. These programs teach communities how to respond to the physical and psychological effects of natural disasters.

Through sponsorship, families receive access to education, nutrition assistance, dental and health care, and more.

Sponsorship enables children to attend school

John, child sponsored through Unbound in the Philippines

Education is one of the most lasting gifts the Unbound sponsorship program provides. The Filipino people place a high value on education.

Still, it is difficult for families living in poverty to send their children to school. Parents often cannot afford necessary supplies, or the children are needed at home to help the family earn a living or care for younger siblings.

Sponsorship through Unbound lessens these pressures by paying for tuition and enrollment fees for sponsored children and providing required uniforms, shoes and school supplies.

Most sponsored children are enrolled in formal schools. Sometimes children learn through alternative education systems or literacy programs within communities.

Many sponsored friends go on to attend universities. Students work hard so they may someday obtain good jobs and help their families.

Follow the story of 13 students in Unbound's award-winning documentary, "Rise and Dream."

Communities form support groups

Unbound organic vegetable gardening philippines
Parents of Unbound sponsored children are cultivating organic
vegetable gardens in their neighborhoods.

One of the sponsorship program's goals is to form communities of compassion. Such communities thrive in the Philippines. They enhance the sponsorship experience for families and unite mothers and fathers in improving their lives.

These small groups of 10 to 15 neighboring families meet once a week. They are a source of camaraderie, support and activity planning. Members share with one another how things are going in their home lives, study Scriptures and coordinate project activities.

As they develop, these small parent groups invest in their future by saving and forming a pool of capital so individual members can borrow at low interest rates, which allows each to pursue his or her individual business in a productive way. The savings is matched by the project so that their pool of capital can grow.

Everyone has an interest in the success of each member, and the members, in essence, own the bank. This model enables the parents to begin or grow their businesses and build a path out of poverty.


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Unbound started working in the Philippines in 1982.

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