Youth outreach

Get your youth group involved

Walk with the Poor is a resource for you to teach your youth about issues of global poverty and how they can make a difference. We offer several curricula to use in your lesson planning. We also invite your youth group to sponsor students who have just a few years left in their education.

Help a student cross the finish line

We started the Unbound Finish Line Program for teens and young adults who are still studying and need the encouragement and support of a sponsor to help them achieve their potential.

Sponsor a finish line student like Miguel

Some may only need sponsorship for a few years; others may have several more years to go. Local Unbound staff members help each student define an education plan, and the students are encouraged to keep their sponsors updated on their progress.

By sponsoring a teen or young adult who is reaching the "finish line" of their education, your youth group will be able to make a short-term commitment to walk alongside them, offering support and letters of encouragement. Your youth will be able to put a face on poverty and recognize the inherent dignity of each person in our world.

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What youth groups are saying

"We used the Global Poverty & Solidarity curriculum with our confirmation class because we wanted to open their minds to what's going on in the world. We want them to know that there are people in the world who need them and we work together to make the world a better place. Service is a large piece of the Catholic church, and we want them to see the need in the world, and tie that into their faith journey."

— Eileen Calabria, Confirmation class small group leader
St. John LaLande Catholic Church, Blue Springs, Mo.

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