Preach for Unbound

Father Mark Lane

Our priests are messengers of hope

A friendship waits to be born between a family in Illinois and a little girl living in poverty in Honduras. Before long, a teenage boy from the Philippines and a parish youth group in Connecticut will become acquainted through the exchange of encouraging letters. In Idaho, a woman with grandchildren of her own will soon enter into a blessed relationship with an elderly woman needing help in Kenya.

All they need is a priest to bring them together.

The priests who work with Unbound celebrate Eucharist in parishes across the country while sharing the good news of our sponsorship program. They travel for weekend assignments only and accept as many or as few assignments as they like. We especially need bilingual priests, and we offer just compensation.

If you would like to learn more about preaching for Unbound, contact Jennifer Siebes at 800.875.6564 or outreach@unbound.org.

What priests who work for Unbound say

"I have seen some of the good work being done with families, and I am happy to be more involved now in this community of compassion for the poor."

— Rev. Bob Hasenkamp

"I enjoy enabling people to reach out and enrich another’s life. ... (Unbound) is very well organized and very efficiently uses the gifts people entrust to this work."

— Rev. John McClean

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