Church outreach

CFCA is our foundation. Unbound is our future.

Help your parish connect with families in poverty

We thank you for your thoughtful consideration of welcoming a priest to your parish. By sponsoring a child, youth or aging person for $30 per month through Unbound, your parishioners will be able to:


  • live out the Gospel call to walk in solidarity with people living in poverty.
  • form a real connection with someone across geographic and economic divides.
  • receive letters and a photo from their friend every year.


How the weekend works

  • Our priests are available for all weekend services to assist or to fill in for an absent priest.
  • Our priest's homily connects with the Sunday Scripture and the social teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • We cover all costs, including travel, and no collections are taken up.
  • All of our priests are in good standing with their bishops and religious superiors.
  • Spanish-speaking bilingual priests are available.

Mary, a sponsor, meets her sponsored child Graciela on an awareness trip
Mary, a sponsor, meets her sponsored child
Graciela on an awareness trip to Guatemala.

Who we are

In his 2009 World Day of Peace address, Pope Benedict XVI said, "What the fight against poverty really needs are men and women who live in a profoundly fraternal way and are able to accompany individuals, families and communities on journeys of authentic human development."

For almost 30 years, Unbound has brought hope to these individuals, families and communities living in poverty in the 21 countries where we work. Founded in 1981 by lay Catholics acting on the Gospel call to serve the poor, we have grown into a movement of more than 250,000 sponsors supporting more than 300,000 children, youth and aging individuals around the world.

What we do

Our unique style of sponsorship is effective because project coordinators and staff members listen to our sponsored members and their families, then tailor benefits and services to meet their specific needs. In many projects, parents of sponsored children are given opportunities to participate in skills training or livelihood initiatives, so that they can begin to rely less on sponsorship and more on the their own abilities to provide for their families.

Through letters, photographs and prayer, sponsors and their sponsored friends walk together in solidarity with each other.


Archbishop Naumann endorses Unbound sponsorship

Archbishop Naumann
Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann
Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kan.
"I am pleased to endorse this ministry and proud to belong to their community of sponsors. I would encourage any pastor to invite a priest from Unbound to his parish, as I would any member of the Catholic faithful to become a sponsor."

- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

Read Archbishop Naumann's endorsement letter

What pastors say

"We’ve been very lucky here at St. Gabriel’s Parish to have welcomed priests from Unbound on a few occasions over the last 8 years. They’ve educated people about our faith and putting that faith into action through service. Not just locally, but globally. As Catholics we are responsible for spreading the message of Christ to the entire world. Unbound is one good way to do that. "

- Father Dennis O'Rourke, Pastor
St. Gabriel's Parish, Phoenix, Ariz.

"I was away during the weekend of the visit, but my inquiries revealed that the visiting priest did so well explaining the program and how it can help enhance the faith of any sponsor. I really thank you for devoting your time and talents for poor kids and aging from various developing countries. It is a very difficult apostolate but the impact/effect is tremendous as the beneficiaries find new life and feel God's love around them. …"

- Father Michael C. Mbonu, Pastor
St. Edward Church, Fairfield, Ill.

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