What we do

Together with people like you, Unbound provides direct financial support and encouragement to children and families living on the margins of society. We are a movement of dedicated people challenging poverty in new and innovative ways.

In 21 countries around the world, we serve over 300,000 children, youth and elderly people thanks to the generous support of more than 270,000 sponsors.

Unbound delivers direct financial assistance and services to individuals, backed by community-based support groups and microlending programs.

Child sponsorship

Your sponsorship of a child provides money for basic needs like food and education. It also enables your child’s family to be part of a community group offering microloans and other financial support.

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Suleiman, sponsored youth in Kenya

Youth sponsorship

Support for youth focuses on keeping them in school. Instead of putting their educations on hold to work and help support their families, young men and women can finish school, get better jobs and help lift their families out of poverty for good.

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Aging, Marta from El Salvador

Sponsorship of the aging

Unbound is the only major U.S.-based sponsorship organization to offer support for the elderly. Your sponsorship helps meet basic needs like nutrition, health care and housing. Your friend also benefits from being part of an Unbound community that offers love and support.

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Other programs

CFCA Scholar, Leidy from Colombia

Scholarship program

The Unbound Scholarship Fund helps children and young adults continue their education at secondary schools, technical schools and university programs by assisting with the cost of tuition, books, transportation and meals.

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Programs focused on specific needs

Unbound offers a variety of ways to help families living in poverty. These programs focus on helping families with immediate needs and fund livelihood programs designed to provide the means for families to begin to lift themselves out of poverty.

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